CLOUD Conversations

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Earlier this week we had the fortunate opportunity to attend a presentation on the CLOUD.

The learning basically revolved around three key themes:


Our view on these three themes is as follows:



The Cloud Shadow (Anti-Crepuscular Rays)

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Within strategy the crucial take-out was around alignment of the Cloud market opportunity with the organisational readiness and alignment with other business processes.  In other words the summary key word was around INTEGRATION of thinking and acting.


Cloud whisps

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We need to understand where we are in the continuum on the evolutionary road from genesis to utility   This knowledge or understanding is aligned to our Service Maturity and delivery capability.  Are we optimised or sub-optimal.  What are the improvement drivers?  Identify these drivers and start focussing on both EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS.  Determining EFFECTIVENESS is closely aligned to the Strategic Imperative of the organisation.


In a series of articles to follow (view this link for the contents outline) we will cover Flow Dynamics in more detail.

Within dynamics we need to understand the ‘innovation engine’ drivers of Efficiency and Innovation.  Dynamics is therefore at the implementation level of Service Design, Build, Delivery and Maturity.  This is the natural tension between the ‘Run & Build’ capabilities of the organisation.   We need to have a throughout understanding of both the Total Cost of Ownership and Life-cycle stage of our development and maturity curves.

In future articles with will return to some of the items highlighted in this short Cloud and organisational readiness analysis.

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